Property Management

We own, develop and manage a group of residential and commercial real estate companies with a primary focus on attractive areas in Sweden. Our property portfolio includes Crystal Coast AB, Crystal West AB, Crystal Property AB and Crystal Estate AB. The group has a long term investment strategy, and our mission is successful capital growth.

Facts: Plot 1000 sqm, living area 175 sqm, 7 rooms including 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Built 1983.

Cozy family house in popular Lahäll, Täby, Stockholm, Sweden. Completely renovated in 2014. Ideal transport links, only 10 km to Stockholm city centre. Close to kindergartens, schools, shops, golf course and nature.. Walking distance to the coastline and marina.

Facts: Plot 950 sqm. Two floors, living area 329 sqm divided in 5 apartments, shop 67 sqm, commercial facility 53 sqm. Built 1935.

The house is centrally located in Västerås, Sweden. The property contains 5 apartments and 2 commercial facilities.

At the moment the commercial facility of 53sqm is avalible for rent.

Facts: Plot 1435 sqm. 8 rooms, including 6 bedrooms, living area of 150 sqm and additional living area of 71 sqm. Built 1962.

The villa is located in Viggbyholm, Täby, Stockholm, Sweden. Large parts of the house have been renovated in recent years.

Facts: Plot 6890 sqm. Living area of 1345 sqm that is devided in 17 apartments. Two apartments of 4 room and kitchen, fourteen apartments with 3 room and kitchen and one with 2 room and kitchen. Built 1990.

Edsbro is located 6 mil from Stockholm city center.

Duplex apartment, 140 sqm in Västerås, Sweden.